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Best Nootropics for Anxiety Relief

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Anxiety is a rather common problem that many people face, both young and old, male and female. Anxiety can be caused by so many factors including stress, trauma, life experiences and your self image. If left untreated anxiety can wreak havoc on your life and can lead to you withdrawing from social situations and experiencing panic attacks.

Anxiety is basically a disorder of over arousal which this causes the fight or flight response to engage releasing stress hormones. Over time untreated anxiety disorders often get worse and the person affected may experience increased tiredness and other health issues such as digestive problems and insomnia.

There are fortunately a few nootropics that can greatly reduce anxiety levels and help you can lead a normal life again. The best two nootropics for anxiety would be Aniracetam and Phenibut. Both work to increase the amount of the neurotransmitter GABA in the brain. GABA basically calms the brain and stops it being in a state of over arousal. GABA is also increased when you drink alcohol, and many people with anxiety or other mental health issues drink to ease their problems. Nootropics provide a more effective and healthier alternative to alcohol and other drugs.

These two nootropics are pretty equal in terms of anti-anxiety benefits. Phenibut when taken at low doses is mildly calming and can increase your focus, and at higher doses it has more profound relaxation effects, which may be desirable to get a more restful sleep. Aniracetam on the other hand may take a few days to a couple of weeks for the effects to become really noticebale; but they are very profound and for me personally is one of my favourite nootropics.


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