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Phenylpiracetam - Study and Sports

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Phenylpiracetam is a versatile compound with some unique properties. It is the only racetam that has strong stimulant effects such as increased focus and attention, greater energy and endurance and a higher resilience to cold weather. These effects are different from other racetams such as pramiracetam (which is also great for attention) due to phenylpiracetams mechanism of action.

As a study aid phenylpiracetam can help by helping you stay focused for longer periods and increase comprehension due to its memory enhancing effects. This can be particularly helpful if you have attention issues or ADHD, as it works in a similar way to prescription medicines by increasing dopamine in the brain. 

In sports phenylpiracetam can give an energy boost so you can push harder for longer. In amateur sports this is fine, but at a professional level phenylpiracetam has been banned for use. This just goes to show its effectiveness.

Unfortunately tolerance can build up quite fast with this supplement so it's not something to be used every day of the week. If you use it 2 to 3 times a week you'll likely experience the full benefits and not require larger doses as you would if you took it daily.

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  • Hi there, purchased vinpocetine powder.
    Are you meant to swallow neat?..or as i did mixed in a small amount approx.
    100ml of water? get best results?
    Also would the same procedure apply to phenylpiracetam powder? Thanks

    geoff on

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